Sollefteå Camping is very popular among families with children, there is something to do for everyone.  The campsite is located just outside the city center with walking distance to downtown.  Beautifully located on Ångermanälven beach surrounded by towering steep river banks.  

Heated pools with water slide located next door, tennis courts, mini golf and play areas for large and small. Recreational amenities Camping Cupolen with reception and shop, which is also the Pub and a fully licensed restaurant and outdoor seating overlooking the Ångermanälven, in Cupolen can also play pool snack eat or just chill out a little bit, play area for children are also available. On Solleftea Camping's activities GoCart, canoe / kayak rentals and climbing (Sweden's highest freestanding climbing tower). We have hiking trails that start at the campsite see Nipleden 28 km hike along the river and the riverbanks.
Our Meny at Camping Cupolen :

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Prices at Sollefteå Camping 

4-beds cabin 500:-/night 

4-beds cabin with toilet and shower   750:- 2018 

Both have a small kitchen for 4 people 


6-8 beds cabin 1095:- / night 


Caravanplace with electricity 310:- / night 

For bookquestions fill in your name email and bookquestion( meddelande )  

Sollefteå Camping

881 50 Sollefteå

Tel receptionen: +46 (0)620682542
OBS! Endast jour: +46 (0)703 461 832


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